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Expand Your View – Asanas & Meridians

Fri 6th & Sat 7th November 2020
1pm to 4pm IST

Join us as we take a multi-system look at the Prana Balancing Yoga system also known as Traditional Kaula Tantra Yoga, taught at Sva-Tantra Community.

From the lens of the 5 Elements, we see how asanas of this series access and balance the chi of the organ-meridian network used in Shiatsu and 5 Element Theory.

At Sva-Tantra we directly access the organs and meridians taught in the Chi Balancing Practices and explore how the Prana Balancing Yoga asanas also culture these meridians.

In this workshop we broaden our awareness of our body’s intricate, elegant and consistent drive toward homeostasis. Thus, we learn to dance with everything that arises in order to cultivate balance.

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