Living Transformation

Join Sva-Tantra for this free celebration of Freedom and Equality.

Nelson Mandela’s legacy still stands as a pathfinder, leading us dig deep and create a world of compassion from the inside out.

Living Transformation will be a weekend celebrating opportunities to live our inner Freedom in order to truly transform the world we live in.  Mandela gave 67 years of his life championing Freedom so most of our events are 67 minutes to commemorate this amazing gift to humanity.

Panel Discussions: A group of devoted humanitarians from South Africa and the USA will share the current racial landscape of their internal and external worlds. We’ll explore challenges and solutions for personal and global realities.

Mind Body Practices: Health Warriors in South Africa and Sva-Tantra Community in India will share yoga, meditation and movement sessions to actualize the internal harmony we look to bring to the world.

Music: Ernestine Deane, Kid Astronaut and Tamara Dawn will share their music to facilitate the human connection we all need to thrive.  

When you register we will send you the Zoom link for all three days. We will also send a link to our donation page on GoFundMe. Donations will support the work of panelists and facilitators within their communities.

Friday July 17th

(times in South African Standard Time)

Saturday July 18th

Sunday July 19th

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