Non-dual tantra understands this world as the blissful celebration of Devi, the Divine Feminine. At Sva-Tantra we celebrate life as Devi through traditional as well as contemporary practices and knowledge. Explore all the ways we celebrate!


Sva-Tantra is a local and global community based on celebration, authenticity and health. 

We invite you to share life with us at Sva-Tantra if these principles expand your experience of life too! 

We see teaching as the practice of sharing what you have integrated, what has been actualized. Our 200hr/300hr/500hr Yoga Alliance certified teacher training programs focus on giving you an experience of intra- and inter-personal celebration to have and share with your world.

Sva-Tantra’s resident ayruvedic, Dr. Arun Nair, oversees the ayurvedic education program, consultations, dosha diagnosis and treatments. 

Ayurveda is the foundation of the asana system as well as the daily and seasonal regimens taught at Sva-Tantra

Sva-Tantra is now sharing streaming classes online. We can all enjoy health and the worldwide Sva-Tantra kula (community).

Our immersions offer everything from traditional Tantric teachings and practices to interpersonal communication and relationship skills.

Fulfills Yoga Alliance continued education requirements for 3 years

Shri Ma Kristina Baird,
E-RYT 500
Whitney Seymour Wheelock,
E-RYT 500
Sajesh P. Sadanandan
Kitchen and Facilites Manager

Meet the core of the Sva-Tantra community 

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