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Sva-Tantra is a community based on the understanding that Sat, all of reality, is the playful, authentic, blissful, celebration of the creative aspect of the Divine Absolute, Devi. 

After many years of sharing kaula trika tantra we have found we all have much more fun when we can provide what you are looking for. In order to do this we have created a detailed registration process including a 3-5 min selfie video from you about what you would like to get from your time at Sva-Tantra. Completing the registration will help us determine if we can support you on your journey into the tantric reality. Please click the link below to fill the form and then send the video via WhatsApp (+91 7822984060) or you can upload it to Youtube, select “unlisted,” and send the link to [email protected]

We invite you to join the Sva-Tantra community if you understand, believe or at least hope that the world is a beautiful celebration of the Divine. We will explore the practices and philosophies which allow you to actualize this Divine celebration.