Most frequent questions and answers

Do I need a Visa? How do I obtain a travel visa?

Yes, you need a visa to enter India. Please refer to the List of Countries  for who can get an e-visa. If your country is listed, select the box titles “For eVisa by Bureau of Immigration, Apply Here.” All other countries need to select “For Regular/Paper Visa by Indian Mission/Post, Apply Here.” 

***All eVisa’s from Tourist to Medical require your passport to be valid for six months from the arrival date***


  1. **Choose TOURIST visa.** Very important you do NOT choose yoga or short-term yoga program. These are specific programs that we are not registered with. 
  2. When asked where you intend to visit, write: Goa, Gokarna and anywhere else you plan to travel on your own.
  3. Contact Information and Indian address for Visa:
    • Sajesh P Sadanandan, Little Cottage, Westhill Po, Kozhikode, Kerala, India 673005
    • Phone number: +91 96562 24784

4. When taking a photo of yourself and your passport, clearly follow instructions. The photo of yourself should be taken against a plain background. The passport page is glossy, so be sure all information can be read clearly without glare.

Which airport do I fly into?

We can arrange taxi pick up from either Goa airport: GOI or GOX airport codes. GOI is closer to us so a better choice if other factors are similar. 

Usually it is less expensive to fly into Mumbai or Delhi and then book a domestic flight to Goa

Be aware that baggage allowances are usually less for Domestic flights than International flights so make sure you are not over the allowance for a domestic flight if you choose to book separate flights

When transferring in Mumbai book flights on the airlines below. These airlines fly out of the International Terminal, Terminal 2. The domestic terminal, Terminal 1, is a separate airport and requires a taxi ride to reach from the international terminal. 

      • Vistara
      • Air India
      • Indigo
      • Spice Jet

Checked Luggage

If you are checking bags, check your luggage through to Mumbai or Delhi, and then check your bags again for the domestic flight to Goa. Do not check your bags through to Goa.

How do I get from Goa airport to Sva-Tantra/Shri Kali Ashram?

Taxi: We can arrange taxi service from the Goa airports (GOI and GOX) and from local train stations. The prices are $30* from GOI and $50* from GOX

Train: You can arrive by train to the Cancona (CNO, 15 min from Sva-Tantra, approximately $7 taxi*) or Madgaon (MAO, 1 hour from sva-tantra, approximately $20 taxi*) train stations

Flight Information: Send us your flight information; airline, flight number, date and time. We will use this information to book your taxi. Your taxi driver will have a white paper with your full name on it unless you specify otherwise. 


* Prices for taxis vary. Accurate pricing can be given closer to your arrival date. 

What kind of clothing can I wear? Goa vs the rest of the country?

In Goa it is appropriate to wear typical western clothing. Tank tops, shorts, yoga leggings, bikinis, etc. are all okay. 

In the rest of the country and for visiting temples, dress more conservatively. Be sure to cover your shoulders and legs.

Wifi/Sim card

All accommodation and school spaces have Wifi. Sim cards with data are also available at the airport or in town. 

When should I arrive and depart?

Arrive at least one day before the start date of your program, this included in the price of your program. You can also come earlier as long as there is space available.

Plan to stay at least until the day after your program ends. You can stay longer as long as there is space available. 

Let us know what days you would like to arrive and depart, so we can reserve your room.

What should I bring?

  • Passport, visa, credit/debit cards, phone
  • Converter/plug adapter for EU plugs
  • Ear plugs, if you’re sensitive to noise while sleeping
  • Eye mask for sleeping/yoga
  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable yoga clothes
  • Swim suit
  • Sunglasses/sun hat
  • Yoga mat- if you prefer your own. We have mats if you cannot travel with one, but they are lower quality than yoga mats from Europe or the Americas
  • Shawl/blanket/sweater/something to cover for cool evening and morning yoga
  • Clothing that covers legs and shoulders for visiting temples or traveling outside of Goa
  • Flip flops or sandals that are easy to take on and off
  • Comfortable shoes for traveling
  • Toiletries can be purchased here if you don’t want to travel with them. Please bring anything specific or unique you need. 
  • Notebook and pen for journaling and taking notes, also available here if you do not want to bring

Consider leaving these items at home

  • Makeup- come as you are. Embrace au naturel!
  • Strong perfume/aftershave- embrace your smell! Many are sensitive to strong scents.
  • Jewelry- this can be a hindrance during yoga and massage
  • Uncomfortable, tight, heavy clothing/jeans. It’s warm during the day, and we will spend time outside

What about water?

We will supply filtered water for you everyday needs as well as for filling a water bottle. We will not supply the bottle so please bring one with you. 

You can purchase bottled water at all restaurants and at many shops when you leave the Ashram. 

We do not advise drinking water that is not from a bottle or our filters because we cannot assure you the filter has been maintained and changed properly.

Will I have a kitchen?

No, the rooms do not have kitchens. A full meal program is available. 

What food options are available?

A full meal program is available on location.  Below are a list of places to visit during free time. 


Supermarket, vegetable market, various restaurants

Galgibaga Beach – 15 minute drive via motor bike or taxi

Blue Whale – Full service beach style restaurant. Must order ahead of time.

Two Sisters- next to Blue Whale. Must order ahead of time. Takes 1 hour to prepare. 

Namrata’s Home – Homemade food at our next door neighbors’ home. Must order ahead of time. 

      • Fish curry meals: with rice/chapati, Goan fish curry, seared fish, vegetable dish and tomato/onion/cucumber salad
      • Vegetarian meals: with rice/chapati, lentil soup, vegetable dish and tomato/onion/cucumber salad

South End – 4-5 restaurants serving a full menu

Talpona Beach– 15 min drive by motor bike or taxi

Peace Garden – Nice lounge-like full service beach restaurant. Tourist prices.

Tejas and Dipiksha Restaurants – local restaurants specializing in Goan fish and veg dishes, other types of food available. Local prices.

Palolem Beach – 20 minute drive via motor bike or taxi

Restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping

Up-tempo party beach with a wide variety of restaurants to choose from

Dropadi – High quality restaurant with many options, very good fish and indian cuisine. Slightly higher than average prices.

Magic Italy – A nice change of pace if you are tired of Goan fish curry. Italian owned and operated for over 20 years. Tourist prices.

Sai Family Restaurant- Must try the tandoori chicken. Local prices. 

Patnam Beach– 20 minute drive by motor bike or taxi

Mellow alternative to Palolem with many beach restaurants and some dance and lounge options.

What if I get sick?

Government Hospital Canacona – 15 minute drive by motor bike or taxi

2352+2HV, NH 66, Mastimol, Canacona, Goa 403702

There are several pharmacies and local doctors in Chaudi, Canacona.

What happens if I don’t complete enough Training hours?

If, for any reason, you do not complete the necessary hours to fulfill the course requirements we cannot issue a certificate for Yoga Alliance registration. We can give you a certificate with the amount of hours you did complete. 

*We encourage you to come for the experience and self integration. For us, the certificate is of secondary importance. Tantra is not about external validation so being recognized by Yoga Alliance or others is not a valid measure of value. However, we do recognize the importance of your livelihood and physical well being and we know income can depend on this certification so we are happy to give because we can give without compromising our standards. 

How Many Students will be in the Training?

We have found that personal connection and close community allows for us to experience the full depth of the kaula tantra system. For this reason we have decided to limit our courses to a maximum of 15 practitioners for every senior teacher. With Andrew and I, Whitney, here we will limit the teacher training courses to 30 trainees.

As the community grows we may have more people living on the property which will include senior students and resident staff, but training programs will not exceed 15 participants per senior teacher.    

Are your courses certified by Yoga Alliance?

Yes, our 200hr, 300hr, and 500hr courses are Yoga Alliance certified. 

Why do we do the same set of asanas daily?

The Kaula Tantra Yoga sequence is done as a sequence because it  focuses on balancing the prana system. Like acupuncture, we a have systematic approach to balancing your prana, or chi, system. Your Nādi system, the channels in which your prana or chi flows, has the same structure everyday so to optimize it we do basically the same series everyday. This approach also cultures the conscious mind to shut down which further allows the superconscious to balance the system and bring us back to pranic balance and physical homeostasis. By balancing the prana system all other systems in the body will regulate and optimize.

The Kaula system brings a deep sense of calm we call the “zero state” which is an essential experience when exploring the absolute divine. Without this timeless, body-less, experience, discussion of Kaula philosophy is only theoretical and integration is impossible. The asana system is a necessary precursor to integrating the Kaula teachings of the divine as everything. You must experience yourself as the divine to truly know this system.  

The asanas in this system are like mantras. They are repeated over and over to traverse/transcend the measuring, linear mind/experience. The sensation of relaxation into your deepest self transcends the concept of space and time so linearity is no longer a possibility and you can experience your dynamic, non-linear, absolute self.

Will the Teacher Trainings include sexuality?

No. There is no sexuality taught as a part of any of the teacher trainings. While the Kaula Tantra system celebrates sexuality, it is practiced as a form of experiencing and integrating bliss into our everyday lives after a practitioner has integrated the  life as the divine. 

We see that it is important for practitioners to have time and space to themselves to integrate the experiences and knowledge they are receiving during the trainings. For this reason we encourage participants to abstain from involving themselves romantically or sexually (emotionally/physically) during their time in the trainings. 

If after completing a training, a graduate decides to extend her/his stay at STSKA and he/she feels they she/he has a sound foundation of selfhood and wants to engage romantically or sexually with other non-trainees in the community, that is between those consenting adults. We support the honest, self aware expression of your innate bliss and encourage you to practice deep self honesty and awareness in any sexual engagement. 

There may be supplementary offerings that are outside the scope of the teacher trainings and participation is in no way required or expected. These offerings have not yet been developed but may include teachings on psycho-sexual health (i.e. what underlies our desires/urges), awareness and education on female and male orgasm/ejaculation (ability to and regulation of), using non-violent communication around our sexual needs and desires, etc. 

*We, the space holders here at STSKA, have all agreed not to engage with trainees in any romantic/sexual exchanges, emotional or physical. If you, as a member of the STSKA community, interpret any action from one of us as romantic, inappropriately intimate or in any other way uncomfortable please share your concerns with that person or contact anyone of us and share your concerns if you feel uncomfortable sharing with that person directly. This information is very important to us so please know that we want to hear your experience to create a supportive environment in which to celebrate life. 

Can I swim in the river at Sva-Tantra?

Yes. The Talpona River is a tidal river so it rises and falls 2 meters every 12 hours. It is salty ocean water. When it’s high it is easy to swim. When it is low it is only 50-100cm at its deepest and parts of the river bottom are above water.

We have 50 meters of direct access to the river from our property.